The Advantage of 3-way Ball Valves


Ball valve are often used in pipelines by using a ball closure member to cut, distribute and change direction of fluid flow. 3-way ball valves, as a new type, appear in recent years. Its easy operation, simply structure, good sealing performance and small size bring wider use by people. Meanwhile, the sealing face on body and ball are seldom exposed to direct contact with the application, thus they face less erosion for longer service life.


3-way ball valve can close tightly with 90-degree rotation operation in small torque. In recent years, 3- way ball valves are developed to control and throttle application in addition to cutting off flow. Its small operation torque and less friction in switches can largely reduce the cost of actuators. Thus, 3-way ball valve are widely used in petroleum, chemical, urban drainage and other cutting-required conditions.

3-Way Ball Valve

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