Difference between forged steel ball valve and cast steel ball valve


What is the difference between a forged steel ball valve and a cast steel ball valve? The difference is mainly in the process of processing steel:


Cast steel, produced by the casting method, is divided into cast carbon steel, cast low alloy steel, and cast special steel. A cast steel ball valve is formed by pouring liquid into a mold and then solidifying it. Alloy steel is the most common casting material and cast steel is mainly used to make parts that are complex in shape, difficult to forge or cut, requiring high strength and plasticity.


Forged steel ball valve is a variety of ball valves made from forged steel and forged parts. Forged steel ball valves are stronger than cast steel ball valves and can withstand larger forces. Its plasticity, toughness and other mechanical properties are also higher than cast steel ball valve. Thats why for certain important mechanical parts, forged steel parts should be the first choice.


Casting is something solidifying from the liquid while forging is a process of physical formation. Forged pieces, with good internal structure, good mechanical properties, and uniform grain organization, are ideal for important heavy parts. On the contrary, casting produces structural bias, structural defects. But casting has its own advantages. The production of complex parts is not easily done by forging, in which case it is easy and economical to cast the piece.

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