Integration Center

What distinguishes Dervos from our rivals is that we own a product integration center.


The general function of the integration center is ‘Unify’.


The integration center is where we carry out valve quality re-inspection, painting, and customized packaging of all of our products. This is how we make sure that all of the products provided by Dervos are at the same high level.



Due to attention to the quality and appearance of products, our products will be ensured to be free of burrs, sand holes, small cracks, welding scar, in this way we can guarantee the smooth surface and products are up to MSS SP55 or even higher standards.



For painting, the thickness, gloss, uniformity, and adhesion or our products will be ensured. 

Quality Checking System

-Serial Number & Nameplate

For the flange serial number, we will unify the font, size, position and tidiness, also we will unify nameplate format like its position, contents, and sizes.


-Packaging Accessories

Packaging accessories will also be unified, including flange cap, packaging bag, desiccant, tag, operation manual, etc. Packaging specifications will also be carried out to ensure safe delivery during transportation.


-Plywood Case

When it comes to plywood cases, we will assign the sizes, materials, thickness and labels. The weight of a single box won’t exceed 1.5tons, and we will also have rules to instruct how to strengthen the boxes, like adding steel strips, etc.

Quality Checking System


Orders that have been inspected already will be double-checked in the center, to reduce missed inspections or wrongly inspections caused by work errors of external inspectors, especially for orders with special requirements.

Quality Checking System

-Reports Free of Charge

After shipment, an inspection report and EN 10204 3.1 mill test certificate will be offered free of charge to show you the inspection process and results.

Quality Checking System

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